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My parents use Gardening Service Queens Park to do hedge pruning and other bits and bobs in the garden. They are always delighted with the work they do and I love how the garden looks too.

  • Jeff J.

I have recommended these gardeners to everyone in my neighbourhood. Everyone is thrilled with their services. They are highly recommended.

  • Julia Q.

If anyone needs help with hedge trimming then check these guys out!

  • Ted

GardenersQueensPark are a gardening company with a difference. I've used such companies in the past, but have never come across one quite like this. They know just what to do to put the customer at ease. Their team are also hard-working and they gained my trust pretty quickly. When that happened, they didn't let me down.

  • Ashley F.

I honestly don't think I'd find another landscaping service in the local area that is half as good as Gardeners Queens Park. They did an utterly brilliant job with my patio and new lawn, and I still have them over on a regular basis to help with maintenance. Such great quality, and yet half the price of anywhere else.

  • Essie Hudgens

On a scale from one to ten I give the gardening services of GardenersQueensPark a 13!

  • Sheila C.

I have never used a garden landscaper until this year when I called Landscapers Queens Park after moving into my new husband's home (he already owned one). His garden was a mess, it was horrible! Very typical bachelor pad! Anyways, they have done great, and offered us a great deal so we plan to keep using them!

  • Sandra B.

If only every gardening company were as good as GardenersQueensPark - it would've saved me a great deal of hassle over the years. I thank my lucky stars I found their team when I did, because my outdoor space was in dire need of some expert help and attention. Everything that transpired when they got to work was to my liking - even surpassed my expectations. I'll certainly be keeping their details in my phonebook.

  • Cory B.

We have the help of a gardener from GardenersQueensPark on a regular basis and are always delighted with the work they do. They're always very efficient and are happy for us to ask for various other things to be done when they arrive.

  • Gary Coombes

The garden maintenance services from Landscapers Queens Park are perfect if you're like me and you struggle in your garden. Hiring this company has meant that my dying lawn and messy garden is now a lovely and green space for my kids to enjoy. I didn't realise how important it is to care for your garden, and now I have the right company to do it for me!

  • Louise B.

Patio cleaning is task I always put off but one I want done. I raised the perfect solution to this was to hire a top team who can handle the work for me. I now have Lawn Care Services Queens Park come every now and then to tackle this work for me. I'm left with the perfect patio without needing to commit any time or effort to the job.

  • Tanya L.

I have never been one for gardening and thank goodness I now no longer have to be! I chose to hire Lawn Care Services Queens Park after seeing them advertised on the internet and they have really proven themselves to me. They turned up on time, fully equipped and ready to work. They got the job done, I paid, and they left. Quick, hassle free, high quality services! I am a very happy customer!

  • Jordan Allison

Landscapers Queens Park were brilliant when I wanted a tree cutting service. The trees were overhanging and looked like they would be unsafe if a storm hit. I was given the name of this company by a colleague and called for an appointment. The tree cutting was done safely using special tools, and precautions were taken to be careful where the branches fell! The entire process was done fairly swiftly and the waste was cleared away, too. I can't express how grateful I am to the company, the service was exceptional.

  • Andrea Murphy

I highly recommend Gardening Service Queens Park after they did a fantastic job cleaning up my garden the other day. I had neglected to clean or even set foot in my garden during the cold winter months and consequently it was in an overgrown mess. I thought that it would end up costing me an arm and a leg to rectify the situation, but thankfully I discovered their company. Their prices were very low and reasonable considering what needed to be done, so needless to say I went ahead and booked with them and was delighted with everything that took place.

  • Chloe Jukhoop

I had never considered hiring anyone to handle my garden waste removal before but I wish I had. Ever since I started hiring Gardening Company Queens Park to take care of things for me I have never had such an easy time. Their team take everything away quickly and dispose of it correctly. This service has saved me a lot of time and energy, so you should call them today for similar results.

  • Brian Staples

We were looking for a pocket friendly, experienced and reliable garden landscaping company. GardenersQueensPark's price points fit our needs well. We managed to get a discount on an extended contract. After the subsequent gardening tasks, we are now at peace and enjoy family time in the garden. Thank you for restoring our love for nature. We recommend this team for garden upkeep services.

  • The Regina Family

The gardeners I booked from Queens Park Garden Designers to take care of my lawn and hedge trimming needs were truly fantastic. They were utter professionals, turned up on time and got to work right away. When they were finished, they cleared away all the mess and left everything in impeccable condition. Now that I've had the pleasure of experiencing what they have to offer, I'm sure that the thought of booking with another company in the future won't even cross my mind, since I've found a company I can bank upon to deliver the goods.

  • Martha T.

When I moved to my new home I needed some urgent help with my garden which was almost completely covered in rubbish and clutter. Queens Park Garden Designers were recommended to me by my estate agent and they gave me a really cheap quote for garden waste removal. They also moved all the rubbish and restored order to the garden in a very quick time.

  • Gillian

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